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            The Founder’s idea of a day of their Dreams!

We look and feel great! It seems like every day somebody else tells us how happy and good we look. They all wonder how we did it. We tell them we acted in faith to Gods influence on our heart to only think good thoughts & only eat moderate portions of healthful foods.
We do our exercises that get our hearts pumping. We are so full of joy and peace as we admire God’s magnificent natural creation! The air is filled with the songs of the birds singing, it is a great day to be alive and in Jesus! We are fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives , just being our true – God given – loving selves.

As we reflect, we are so full of joy, peace, and reverence as we talk and listen to our heavenly Father. We are truly fulfilled living the life God is living through us! Praying for and helping the people God is connecting us with. We take the responsibility seriously. We are empowered by Jesus to do it well.

As we stay in constant awareness of His presence we are thanking and praising God for all He is to us! God is manifesting these things we praise Him for in our lives day after day!

We are reading God’s word and really connecting with Him. We finish our morning coffee and enjoy a light breakfast. We have really become comfortable with ourselves! We are appreciating, praising, uplifting, and motivating each other. We enjoy our companionship as we talk of our plans for today. The Holy Spirit is guiding us as we inspire and mentor others in a “successful” life course. We are having awesome success helping others embrace their God given true selves!

It makes us feel so worthwhile and wonderful inside as they live by the Father’s love flowing through them! We are truly encouraged by the people we have in our lives and we truly inspire everyone else to serve God wholeheartedly!

We are helping others achieve freedom with a capital F! Freedom from sin and death by accepting Jesus Christ and living for Him. Free from worry by living their dream! Freedom from debt by creating a  financial map. Total Financial freedom by gaining control of the banking benefits of their cash flow.

We are truly seeing and experiencing most of the attractions of this earth, but we know we are not tied to any of it. We love Jesus. We love helping others become totally free from all the cares of this earth! How exciting. Our friends are thriving, so many people are becoming free from all the things that bind them. It is so satisfying to see them change! We all collectively keep our community supplied with all their needs. We are truly blessed.

We are part of a very large community of friends. We allow new friends to experience this loving community. We encourage and inspire people to start thinking correctly so they can be contributors instead of just users!

So much of God’s will and purpose being done throughout the world. We are so full of peace, contentment and security, knowing that we are in the center of God’s perfect will for the life He has given us! We love and do all the things God asks us through Christ who strengthens us.

Mark & Rachel Brumbaugh

It would be our honor to have you along with us on this journey!

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