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Our Team

                                                   Mark Brumbaugh, Founder


I was born in 1968 as the 4th of 13 children to a very conservative religious family. My family had very little finances compared to other families. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew I definitely did not want to be poor.
Starting at 18, I started working in the construction industry. At 19, I bought a 4 unit investment property. But then I proceeded to gradually start making the typical bad financial decisions most young people with little proper financial training or guidance make.

I found the love of my life, Rachel at 22. We were married with 2 wonderful toddlers all within 3 yrs. We worked our way out of my prior bad financial decisions for several years. In our first year of marriage I discovered one of my passions was investing. I decided my path to an investing account of any significant size would need to come from real estate and construction related income. We then proceeded to move 12 times in our first 12 years of marriage while buying or building homes then selling them for a profit. One other area of interest for me has been automobiles, even as a child growing up I dreamed of being a race car driver some day. (I’ve paid the price for that with way too many speeding tickets over the years!) I have also bought and sold more automobiles than I can remember. We usually always seem to have some investment real estate or our own home up for sale.

We experienced the many ups and downs of the economy and the housing market. I am growing older, like we all seem to do, like it or not. Turning 50, I became more serious than ever about a way to create a more stable, hands off-passive income to replace my hands-on income from my real estate development and building residential homes.

The Private Financing Method has been the KEY that I was looking for. How I wish I had found it years ago! I was able to implement it myself with multiple banking systems. It creates a safe, ever compounding banking system where we always have ready access to our steadily growing funds for anything we want money for! I also teach and help others to effectively start their very own Banking systems.

It is so fulfilling helping others retain and grow money within the family instead of allowing all of the banking benefits just to be taken away and used by others. With our money working as hard as we do, it now becomes a much easier choice to stop the hard climb up the hamster wheel that just keeps turning and turning. And if we teach the next generation to implement this banking secret when they are young they will never have to climb on the hamster wheel unless they choose to!